Student Assembly Structure

Structure ppt slide

Historically, the elected President and Vice President have chosen the personnel, size, and goals of the entirety of Student Assembly. This structure resulted in an exclusive, unaccountable and at times irresponsible student government.

In the Fall of 2016, former President Nick Harrington and Vice President Sally Portman completely restructured Student Assembly at Dartmouth to create an accountable and repressive student government. In conjunction with the newly formed Housing community, Dartmouth students elect SA representatives through their housing system. In the spring, each house elects three representatives - one per each grade. For the following fall, each house will elect one freshman representative per house. In total, there will be twenty-four elected SA senators who constitute the majority of Student assembly.

Besides the Student Body President and Vice President, Student Assembly's executive positions usually include a Chief of Staff and Treasurer. However, each administration has the ability to appoint executive positions as they see fit.

Student Assembly's current structure and representative body ensures that we live and fulfill our mantra of Vox Discipuli-the voice of the students.