Our Mission

We, the undergraduates of Dartmouth College, as an essential component of the College, do hereby reaffirm the establishment of the Dartmouth Student Assembly to play an active role in shaping College policies and priorities. To this end, we will lend a voice to student concerns and opinions; play an active role in shaping College policy; protect student rights and freedoms; promote and finance undergraduate activities; foster school unity and pride; and serve as a forum for the discussion and advancement of ideas.

To learn more, read our Constitution.

What We have Achieved

  • Redesigned Banner Student

  • Created new Student Assembly Website

  • Hosted Town Halls with members of the administration and DDS

  • Brought multiple prominent speakers to campus, such as Harlan Cohen, a New York Times Bestselling Author

  • Provided free student access to the New York Times

  • Testified for Student Voting Rights in Concord, NH

To keep up to date on our current work, check out our projects and news.