We are currently working on the following projects. For more information, reach out to the senators and executives involved and keep up to date on our “News” page!


Two Committees: One Student Assembly

In order for Student Assembly to be involved in a multitude of campus issues, it is divided into two committees, Student Affairs and Health & Wellness.  Each of the committees meet bi-weekly to work on their current projects and focus their direction. The entire Student Assembly then reconvenes weekly to collaborate and discuss their ideas.


Student Affairs

This committee is dedicated to student life and pinpointing different aspects of it that are in need of critique or revision. Some of these aspects include such as Dartmouth Dining Services, speakers on campus, and sponsoring events and student activities.

This committee is trying to target accessibility both academically and socially:

  • Establish a library within the house system

  • Implement a system where students are eligible for Dartmouth Coach vouches

  • Address food insecurity on campus and implement a food pantry system

  • Reform Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS)

    • Implement guest swipes

    • Initiate Meal swipe/DBA sharing system

    • Refigure food prices, options, and hours

  • Working with the Sustainability Office to supplement their recycling efforts

  • Cataloging a solid layout of the history of Student Assembly


Health & Wellness

This committee was created to cater to the emotional and mental needs of students on campus and to provide resources and information about support and spaces to holistically care for the well being of the student outside of the classroom.

This committee's primary focus is on mental health, sexual assault, diversity, and inclusivity on campus:

  • Work with the Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL) and the Student Wellness Center to create student communities that work in conjunction with faculty to keep the student perspective in dialogue with the administration

    • Installing an annual fall Mental Health event to work on erasing negative stigmas

  • Implement a Speaker Series to bring different dialogues about post-Dartmouth life in the arts, academia, and other areas of professional life

  • Partnering with SPCSA to magnify awareness of their work

  • Researching other utilities for students to cope with stress