First Senate Meeting of 19W

To kick off the term, we started off our all-Senate meeting by introducing our new ‘22 Senators: Payton Bullock (North Park), Tanner Bielefeld Pruitt (West), Jennifer Qian (School House), Lily Simon (South House), Julian Wu (Allen House), and Maggie Johnston (East Wheelock). Moving further into the meeting, we discussed each committees new projects for the year, including positivity projects for the Health and Wellness Committee and a rental textbook system within the Student Affairs Committee. In addition, we announced a need for more open forums and discussions between us and the students about topics like C3I, mental health at Dartmouth, etc. This term we will also be working on building up a portfolio of Student Assembly’s past projects to create stronger institutional memory, we will be working on implementing a Co-op vouchers system for students needing to buy fresh produce to supplement their meal plans, and we are laying out a supplementary textbook rental system. Lastly, we are speaking with the CPD on enriching the spread of opportunities outside of the tech and finance realm.

You can reach us every week in Blobby on Wednesdays from 2:15 - 3:15 to discuss whatever it may be!! Hope to see you there!