President Hanlon Joins Our All-Senate Meeting

Sunday evenings are reserved time for all-Senate meetings to catch everyone up on projects people are personally spearheading, as the committees meet individually biweekly to stay organized and up to date. This Sunday, President Hanlon agreed to meet with us after having lunch with Monik and Nicole in ‘53 Commons Friday afternoon.

President Hanlon got to see an inside look into student concerns about food insecurity and the senators who are researching other campuses’ food pantry systems and meal swipe sharing technologies. In addition, he learned about our pilot program for a house library system for the most common textbooks to be starting in Winter 2019! Other items on the agenda: discussing a speaker series (we have 3 confirmed speakers for Winter and Spring term), work with Admissions to create a new Dartmouth virtual tour sponsored by Student Assembly, a project in partnership with Dartmouth Sustainability Office regarding recycling on campus, discussions about a new ‘Schmen Guide, our fall plans to make an annual Mental Health Awareness day sponsored by Student Assembly, and our plans to organize a Student Assembly photoshoot (PHOTOGRAPHERS NEEDED!)

Want to discuss any of these projects with us? Visit us in Office Hours Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm in One Wheelock!

Sustainability Office & SA Discussing Food Pantry

Monik and Nicole met with the Sustainability Office’s Outreach Intern, Sophie Neuhaus ‘20, to discuss a partnership regarding the idea of implementing an all-campus food pantry system for the undergraduates. They discussed Sustainability’s in-progress project to provide students with kitchen sets to be able to rent, which should include pots, pans, and necessary cooking implements. We are hoping to pair kitchen sets with a central food pantry location.

22's Interest Meeting

Monik and Nicole met with ‘22s interested in participating in Student Assembly in One Wheelock during their weekly office hours from 2:30-3:30. Student Assembly’s goals and projects for the term were outlined to the first-years and they were given the opportunity to sign up for either committee to bring forth their own ideas to the table. Elections for ‘22s to join the Student Assembly Senate as house representatives will take place this fall.

SPCSA Partnership

Tuesday evening Student Assembly attended one of SPCSA’s (Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault) to offer their augmentation of SPCSA initiatives and Round Table events. Two members from the Health and Wellness Committee have been selected to join SPCSA in their weekly meetings to stay up to date with their initiatives as to not overlap projects. We look forward to attending SPCSA’s Round Table on Thursday, October 18th from 6:30 - 7:30pm in Rocky 101!

SA Meets with OPAL and FYSEP to Discuss Food Pantry System

Senators Sabyne Pierre ‘20 and Carolina Almonte ‘20 represented Student Assembly in a meeting this Wednesday in order to discuss the need for a campus-wide food pantry system to curb the growing problem of food insecurity on campus. All organizations recognize that some students’ needs are especially not med during interim periods. Typically, meals are served by local restaurants or students on financial aid are supplemented with bags of groceries. In addition, some meals are hosted by the house communities. DDS locations are not open during interims.

Currently, Student Assembly is partnering with the Sustainability Office to brainstorm how a food pantry system would look, and these conversations will be carried out into Fall 2018.

We Do Recycle

We Do Recycle

For the last several years, a rumor has spread around campus that questions whether Dartmouth recycles or not. After speaking with Casella (Dartmouth’s contracted recycler), President Hanlon, and the Assistant Director of Sustainability at Dartmouth, the truth has emerged - Dartmouth DOES recycle!