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William Shadek

Will Shadek is a senior from Wellesley Massachusetts majoring in History. He is your Student Assembly Senator and Representative for School House. He is also the Social Chairman/Events Coordinator for the Rugby team and one of the Rush Chairs for Theta Delta Chi. Some of his hobbies on campus include hiking, snowboarding, reading and cooking. He is looking forward to serving the Dartmouth community and helping ensure that all of your concerns are addressed in order to further positive change and progress on this campus. Specifically, he is excited to be working in the Student Health and Wellness Committee and focusing on major issues such as diversity, inclusivity, sexual assault and mental health.

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Colby Conner

Colby Conner ’20 is a South House Senator majoring in Anthropology modified with Neuroscience. He is involved with Microbiology and Immunology research at DHMC, a member of Dartmouth EMS, a part of the Nathan Smith Society Executive Committee, and a part of the Directorate for Dartmouth Cancer Scholars. He ran for House Senator not only to help shape the experiences that students have at Dartmouth regarding events and engaging activities but also to be a part of bringing Student Assembly forward to have a larger presence in the community. As a House Senator his focus is on raising awareness of the various resources offered on campus, improving the quality of student life by expanding accessibility and convenience, and increasing the presence and clarity of Student Assembly. He also enjoys playing tennis and piano in his free time.

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Emma Chiu

Emma is a '19 majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Human-Centered Design. She is thrilled to be serving as a Senator for North Park House after having served on the North Park Executive Council for several terms. For her senior year, Emma hopes to improve communication between administration and students by better advertising how student input can affect direct change and also increasing transparency in how final decisions are made.  On campus, she has been involved as a Tour Guide Trainer, a Directorate member of DOC First Year Trips 2018, and President of Chimera Senior Society. 

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Rohan Chakravarty

Rohan Chakravarty ‘21 is a Student Assembly Senator for South House. He is studying Government and Economics. On campus, he is also involved with the Policy Debate team. In his spare time, Rohan enjoys going hiking and canoeing. He ran for Student Assembly in order to strengthen the relationship between the student body and the administration. Rohan also hopes to use his position on Student Assembly to help improve Dartmouth Dining Services. He is looking forward to the upcoming year and is always open to suggestions from students.


Ally Gaines

Ally Gaines is a '21 at Dartmouth double majoring in Government and Middle Eastern Studies modified with French. In addition to serving as a senator for School House on Student Assembly, Ally is also a member of the Dartmouth cheerleading team and participates in numerous on special events on campus. In the fall of 2019 Ally will participate in a Dartmouth sponsored internship program with the American University of Kuwait. 

Philip Lindsay

Hi, I’m Philip Lindsay, the West House Student Assembly representative for the class of 2021. I’m a psychology and economics double major, and I care deeply about sustainability and student health on campus. I hope that I can use my Student Assembly position to make sure real student issues are addressed on campus. I really believe that’s the beauty of SA: it’s a direct connection between the students and administration. It has enormous power to make sure the problems that the school addresses are actually things that students worry and care about. I’m currently working to clear up rumors about the Dartmouth recycling program because I witnessed problems with the rumors firsthand. I would really love to hear any suggestions or recommendations from my peers for future Student Assembly projects, since that sort of communication is what this position is all about.

Caitlyn E. McGovern

Cait is a ’21 from East Wheelock House majoring in Geography and Biology with a Global Health Certificate. On campus, she is involved with Mock Trial and The Dartmouth, and is a freshman UGA. This year, she looks to enhance the quality of student life on campus by working with the Student Affairs committee. In doing so, she hopes to work with the College to improve to Housing System so that it serves the best interests of Dartmouth students, and collaborate with Dartmouth Dining Services to increase both the quality food and service on campus.


Riley Flewelling

Riley Flewelling is the ’21 Senator of North Park House. This will be her second year on Student Assembly, and she looks forward to the work the group will accomplish in the upcoming terms. Riley believes SA has a responsibility to connect the student body with Dartmouth’s administration and hopes to strengthen this connection in the future. She seeks to improve campus attitude towards the Housing System, and believes the system could provide a welcoming and inclusive community if given the right support. She hopes to use her involvement in the North Park Executive Council, and in the Inter-House Executive Council to accomplish these goals. Aside from student government, Riley enjoys participating in Cabin and Trail and Women in the Wilderness, and works for the Dartmouth College Child Care Center. She plans to major in Government and will be studying in Lyon, France in 19W. She considers herself to be from Colorado, but grew up moving around the country with her family for the Air Force. She would like to thank the North Park Community for the opportunity to serve on Student Assembly, and hopes it will be a successful year!


Mrinal Singh

Mrinal Singh is a ‘21 from Cincinnati, OH. He is currently studying economics and philosophy with the intent of going to law school afterwards. His on-campus interests include Club Tennis, DIPP, the Dartmouth Law Journal, and Student Assembly. As the Allen House senator and a member of the Student Affairs, he hopes to create meaningful and positive change for his peers on campus. Mrinal is loves talking and hearing about new ideas, so feel free to reach out.


Kojo Edzie Jr.

My name is Kojo Edzie Jr. and I am a 20. I am the Allen House representative for the class of the 20’s and a Government Major.  I am interested in a variety of activities on campus, including athletics, improv comedy, and theater. I ran for Student Assembly so that I could ensure that everyone on campus  feels comfortable and equipped to succeed.

Kiera Klinsky

Kiera Klinsky ’21 is a Geography and Government major from New York City, serving as co-chairman of the student affairs committee. Besides student affairs, Kiera is a member of Dartmouth Ski Patrol and volunteers for OLE, teaching middle school students leadership through outdoor activities. Kiera spent this past year researching financial flaws in the Good Samaritan Policy and monitoring changes within Dartmouth Dining Services. As co-chairman, she hopes to continue working with Dartmouth Dining to ensure their reforms are in line with student interests. She also hopes to equalize opportunities for clubs on campus.


Luke Cuomo

Luke Cuomo is a '20 from East Williston, New York, majoring in Government and minoring in Public Policy.  On campus, besides serving as a Senator from North Park House and SA Finance Chair, Luke serves as chair of EPAC, is a member of the Undergraduate Finance Committee, participates in Model UN, and runs the Dartmouth meme group on Facebook. This year in SA, Luke aims to increase and improve SA's image and impact on the Dartmouth community.  Particularly, Luke is focused on maximizing SA's use of its discretionary budget to better fulfill the goals outlined in SA mission.

Anjali Chikkula

Anjali is a ’20 from Sugar Land, TX, majoring in Economics and Math, serving as a senator for East Wheelock House. Aside from Student Assembly, she serves as the co-president of South Asian Student Association, a member of the Committee on Standards, and President of The Sit-down Tragedy. As a member of SA, she hopes to increase transparency and ensure efforts are made to address students’ needs. 

Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza

Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza ’19 is from Houston, TX and is majoring in Economics and minoring in Human Centered Design. On campus she makes jewelry at the Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio and is also a teaching assistant, is a 2019 Rockefeller Fellow, a member of the Green Key Society and is a student ambassador for the college through the Hill Winds Society.  Nelly is currently a senator for the 2018-2019 academic year. She joined the senate because she wants to bring positive change into the student life so that more students feel at home at Dartmouth and wants to serve as a representative and delegate for the students needs and concerns. One of the things Nelly wants to focus on is strengthening the existing resources on campus in relation to student life and bring about new and forthcoming projects for future classes to enhance the lives of students. These might come in the form of creating more transparent relationships between students and the administration or creating more social spaces.


Tim Holman

Tim Holman is  a ‘20 from Cleveland, Ohio. This will be his third year serving as a West House Senator for the Class of 2020 which he is thrilled about! Over the last two years, Tim has worked on various projects ranging from redesigning and updating Dartmouth’s student information system (formerly known as Banner), bringing Harlan Cohen, a New York Times best-selling of six books, to campus and most recently creating a new and user-friendly Student Assembly website. Tim enjoys listening to the problems that students care about and finding ways to enact meaningful change. Besides student governance, he is a Dartmouth Tour Guide and a member of the Hill Winds Society- a student-alumni association.