Allen House

Sam Zarkower ‘20

Sam Zarkower is a '20 from Rye Brook, NY. He is a double Government and Classical Studies Modified major with a minor in Public Policy. Sam is involved in Model UN, the Alexander Hamilton Society, and College Democrats. He previously served as the Finance Director for Dartmouth's College Democrats chapter. Currently, Sam serves as the USG for Historical and Future Crises of Model UN and Vice President of the Alexander Hamilton Society. In addition, he has worked as a researcher for the Rockefeller Center's Policy Research Shop. A fun fact about Sam is that he plays the trumpet. Sam aims to reduce the cost of taking classes at Dartmouth during his term in office. He plans to do so by expanding the library's stock of textbooks and holding a book drive for students.


Mrinal Singh ‘21


Mrinal Singh is a ‘21 from Cincinnati, OH. He is currently studying economics and philosophy with the intent of going to law school afterwards. His on-campus interests include Club Tennis, DIPP, the Dartmouth Law Journal, and Student Assembly. As the Allen House senator and a member of the Student Affairs, he hopes to create meaningful and positive change for his peers on campus. Mrinal is loves talking and hearing about new ideas, so feel free to reach out.

Julian Wu ‘22

East Wheelock House

Anjali Chikkula ‘20

Anjali is a ’20 from Sugar Land, TX, majoring in Economics and Math, serving as a senator for East Wheelock House. Aside from Student Assembly, she serves as the Senior Class President, a member of the Committee on Standards, and Senior Advisor to the South Asian Student Association. As a member of SA, she hopes to increase transparency and ensure efforts are made to improve academic advising and counseling services.


Caitlyn E. McGovern ‘21

Cait is a ’21 from East Wheelock House majoring in Geography and Biology with a Global Health Certificate. On campus, she is involved with Mock Trial and The Dartmouth, and is a freshman UGA. This year, she looks to enhance the quality of student life on campus by working with the Student Affairs committee. In doing so, she hopes to work with the College to improve to Housing System so that it serves the best interests of Dartmouth students, and collaborate with Dartmouth Dining Services to increase both the quality food and service on campus.

Maggie Johnston ‘22

Hi my name is Maggie Johnston. I’m a ’22 from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to being a senator for East Wheelock, I’m the president of the Parliamentary Debate team, a SAPA, and part of the Dartmouth Finance Committee. I joined Student Assembly to help guarantee that the student voice is heard. Although I love Dartmouth, I noticed a few things that I’d like to change during my freshmen year. I wanted to put myself in the best possible position to actually change them, so I ran for Student Assembly.


North Park House

Riley Flewelling ‘21

Riley Flewelling is the ‘21 Senator of North Park House. She’s from Colorado Springs, CO and is a Government Major. Riley is involved in the DOC, a member of Alpha Phi, and is a Presidential Scholar doing research in the Government Department. She will be abroad this fall on the Govy FSP in London. Riley believes Student Assembly has a duty to make campus a comfortable space for all students, and hopes we can serve as an effective conduit between administration and the student body. This year she hopes to make the Dartmouth community feel heard and validated. She is proud to be serving her third term for SA, and welcomes people to reach out with questions or concerns.


Joshua Ocampo ‘22

Joshua Ocampo ‘22 is a North Park senator with interests in Cognitive Science, Human-Centered Design, and Film. On campus, he serves on the boards for Dartmouth Comedy Network and Filipino Student Association. In Student Assembly, he hopes to more clearly define the hierarchy and roles of student government since there is little information regarding student government’s place in student life in contrast to the housing system and clas councils. Also, he aims to encourage more student-organized events to showcase the creative community on campus. Josh is a scooter enthusiast yet cannot afford to buy himself his own.

School House

Seamus Walsh ‘20

Ally Gaines ‘21


Ally Gaines is a '21 at Dartmouth double majoring in Government and Middle Eastern Studies modified with French. In addition to serving as a senator for School House on Student Assembly, Ally is also a member of the Dartmouth cheerleading team and participates in numerous on special events on campus. In the fall of 2019 Ally will participate in a Dartmouth sponsored internship program with the American University of Kuwait. 


Jennifer Qian ‘22

South House


Colby Conner ‘20

Colby Conner is a ’20 from Sacramento, CA majoring in Anthropology modified with Neuroscience. On campus he is involved with Microbiology & Immunology research at DHMC, serves as the Senior Class Vice President, and is a member of Dartmouth EMS. In his free time he enjoys playing the piano and tennis. He ran for his position to shape the experiences that students have at Dartmouth regarding events and engaging activities and also to help grow Student Assembly’s presence in the community. As a South House Senator he hopes to bring awareness to the various resources offered on campus, enhance the quality of student life by expanding accessibility and convenience, and improve the clarity of Student Assembly.

Rohan Chakravarty ‘21

Rohan Chakravarty ‘21 is a Student Assembly Senator for South House. He is studying Government and Economics. On campus, he is also involved with the Policy Debate team. In his spare time, Rohan enjoys going hiking and canoeing. He ran for Student Assembly in order to strengthen the relationship between the student body and the administration. Rohan also hopes to use his position on Student Assembly to help improve Dartmouth Dining Services. He is looking forward to the upcoming year and is always open to suggestions from students.


Jason Zavras ‘22

Jason Zavras ’22 is a South House Senator majoring in Economics and following a PreMed track. Jason lives in Dover, Massachusetts and is originally from Athens, Greece. He is involved with the Dartmouth Emergency Services, a member of the Nathan Smith Society Executive Committee, and is interested in pursuing research in the Chemistry department. Some of his hobbies include playing basketball and tennis, skiing, shadowing physicians at DHMC, and tutoring for the Academic Skills Center. Jason hopes to strengthen the connection between the administration and the student body and will work to improving student life around campus. He is passionate about representing his peers and looks forward to a successful first year.

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West House

Philip Lindsay ‘21

Hi, I’m Philip Lindsay, the West House Student Assembly representative for the class of 2021. I’m a psychology and economics double major, and I care deeply about sustainability and student health on campus. I hope that I can use my Student Assembly position to make sure real student issues are addressed on campus. I really believe that’s the beauty of SA: it’s a direct connection between the students and administration. It has enormous power to make sure the problems that the school addresses are actually things that students worry and care about. I’m currently working to clear up rumors about the Dartmouth recycling program because I witnessed problems with the rumors firsthand. I would really love to hear any suggestions or recommendations from my peers for future Student Assembly projects, since that sort of communication is what this position is all about.

Tanner Bielefeld Pruitt ‘22

Tanner Bielefeld Pruitt is a '22 from Louisville, Kentucky. He is a West House Senator in Student Assembly and plans to pursue a double major in Biology and Government with a minor in Public Policy. On campus, he represents West House in the Interhouse Council, is on the West House Executive Board, and is a member of the Club Ski Team. He works in the Office of the President and hopes to work with non-Senators and Senators alike to achieve Student Assembly's goals.

Tanner Bielefeld Pruitt '22 (Photo by Seamore Zhu)_2.jpg